We are not only about helping Domestic Violence Victims, but we also help ANYONE in need.   We have been helping victims and survivors since 2011.   We help victims with resources such as education, finding a place to relocate and helping you relocate, & where to find resources in YOUR city or County (If available).

  We also give out "Blessing Bags" (When we have the funding) which consist of Toiletries, Food Gift Cards, Grocery Store gift cards, clothing, medical items and various other necessities.  Your donation can go to help MANY PEOPLE IN VARIOUS SITUATIONS, that NEED YOUR HELP!  It is ALL  Tax Deductible! 
 We are starting a very big project to help educate the public as well as some government agencies such as the police departments and Fire Departments as well as Ambulance and EMS, to be able to more fully recognize the different types of abuse.

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Our Mission is to provide Education to not only Victims, but to ALL EMS personel including but not limited to (FireFighters, Paramedics & Police Officers).  We will also be providing Blessing Bags SEE BELOW) to as many EMS facilities as we can,  to be given to victims in their greatest time of need as well as educational material to help them during their crisis situation.  We WILL change the numbers that are of epidemic proportion.  ​​​​​​​

  • Integrity:   We conduct every aspect of our work to the highest ethical standards and hold ourselves accountable to them.  We value transparency and safeguard the confidentiality of the people we serve.

  • Thought Leadership:
     We are committed to learning constantly, developing innovative practices, and evolving strategies as necessary to achieve our mission and vision.

  • Excellence:
     We value performance and results.  We always aspire to do our best and to embrace the challenge of exceeding expectations.

  • Collaboration:
      We work as a team within the organization and with a wide range of partners outside of it including all EMS Agencies,  in the belief that only through these partnerships will we achieve the broadest impact.

  • Caring:
    We conduct our work with compassion, respect and dignity and we meet all individuals with love and without judgment.

  • ​​​​​​​Prevention - Centered
    :  What we do is not only to help the victim become a Survivor, but also try to Prevent individuals from becoming victims to begin with.  We begin this task with Education.

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